We Believe In Giving back

10% of JAR Honey’s yearly profits go to charity and fundraising for poverty relief

Every year on May 20th, which is an official “World’s bee day”, JAR Honey distributes queen bees for free to help increase bee population and empower beekeepers.

Since 2015 JAR Honey is supporting local beekeepers’ community by giving free trainings, providing with a top quality bees and promoting their products.

During Covid panademic JAR Honey donated 1000 honey jars to those, affected by Covid, to boost natural immunity and aid with recovery

community. empowerment. support.
community. empowerment. support.

What have we achieved so far ?

  • Decreased bees’ mortality rate by 80%

  • Provided hundreds of new job opportunities in a beekeeping field

  • Increased honey production by 70%