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Passion . Ambition. Dedication. Hard work

What started as three beehives…

has grown into international business

Our Core Believes



Dedication is the key to achieving dreams. Having a strong determination and willpower is what allows to accomplish any vision, no matter how long it takes.


Believe and you will achieve! Having the right mindset and a positive belief system can truly create miracles.

Hard Work 

 Hard work is an essential foundation in building the life of your dreams. Taking control into your own hands and not solely relying on luck, provides with well-deserved rewards and invaluable lessons.


Ambition and goals inspire a person to grow and bring expansion into life. No ambition is too high, as long as our aim is passionate enough.


 Being original and a pioneer in your field may not be an easy role to play but it has a tremendous value, which contributes to evolution of the world and your uniqueness.

Be With The best , Become the best

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JAR Honey is always expanding! We are offering a high selection of employment and internship opportunities. If you would like to join our team and be a part of JAR Honey’s family, please fill the form below and attach your resume.