Follow your dream, disregarding how many stings you’ll get in life. Work hard, be consistent and you will reach success, which will taste as sweet as honey.

Johny Abou Rjeily

Our Exquisite Honey Products

We harvest honey from more than 100 locations.

Our honey harvesting locations are far from pollution and free from pesticides.

Each location produces different type of honey, based on trees and flowers present in that area.

Each honey type is unique in its flavor, color, smell and texture.

Honey color ranges between white, amber, golden and black shades.

Our honey texture is based on the season and type of honey, which can be creamy, thick or crystalized.

We also have our unique honey mixtures with natural herbs and spices


We use natural beeswax instead of synthetic wax.

We use organic treatments instead of chemical products.

We don’t use antibiotics and we don’t feed sugar to our bees

So our honey is 100% raw and organic!

Save The Bees...Save The World

We are saving millions of beehives yearly

Our Mission

Jar honey is dedicated to increase bee population, empower beekeepers and provide the purest form of natural honey and bees’ byproducts worldwide. By saving the bees Jar honey aids in saving the world and preserving the planet for generational renewal.


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    why To consume honey ?

    Ulcer Reduction

    Blood Sugar Regulation



    Wound healing

    Immunity Booster

    Cough & Sore Throat Soother

    Skin & Beauty Protector


    And Much More…


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